Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Last shawl!

This is a ruana that I knit myself from a free Lion Brand pattern. You can find the pattern here. I of course, changed the colors, but it was a lot of fun to knit. I've worn it once, and I want to modify it before I wear it again. The panels in the front are too long, so I'm going to unravel a section to make fringe (the one I knit has the fringe in the back), and trim it off. It is wonderfully warm and cozy, and the ruana shape makes it easy to wear.


There are 6 different yarns, and some of the yarns have metallic in them, which is why the picture isn't very wonderful.

We are done with shawls! (unless someone gives me a beautiful one from overseas, which I always hope for). Thimble Thursday will give you a clue as to our next topic.

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Anonymous said...

Love all of your shawls. Your collection of embroideries and shawls are wonderful. Thanks for sharing them.