Friday, September 5, 2008

Noah's Ark

I made this wall hanging for my first daughter. At the time (late 1970s) the nursery was decorated with gold, orange and brown tigers, and this fitted the theme very nicely. It is stitched on Aida cloth from an Eva Rosenstand pattern. It was a huge pattern for me at the time, but it went quickly, as I recall, since there are not a lot of color changes, and very little back stitching. I sewed a backing fabric on it (an uncut corduroy) and just slipped adjustable curtain rods into openings on the top and the bottom; and mounted hangers on the wall far enough apart to put the piece under a slight tension. It hung smoothly for many years. Now of course, it is folded in the drawer and only comes out for command performances like this one.

Noah's Ark

There are tigers, zebras, elephants, monkeys, hippos, giraffes, turtles, and camels, a lion, a rhino, a koala, a mouse, a rabbit, and a lamb along with Noah.

I'm very glad to have this, but I would never pick it again, my tastes have changed so much. It seems so plain, and it is one of the few things I have stitched on Aida.


Karol said...

Another beautiful heirloom!

JLC Studio said...

You should give this to C!! She would love it (have you ever shown it to her?)