Friday, September 26, 2008

Center Stage Rose

This is "Center Stage" a rose designed by Marc Saastad of the Silver Lining. I stitched it for my "consuegra" as a memorial for George. It is stitched over one, and I do have to say that the frame adds a very nice touch. The white on white trellis in the background adds a lot of depth, as well.

SL Center Stage

We had an exciting week this week! We went to the Eagle's concert on Wednesday night at the United Center in Chicago with some friends. Three hours of music and singing! I love the harmonies, both in the voices (all tenors), the woodwinds (2 saxes, a trumpet and a baritone sax) and the guitars and bases.

eagles stage

Eagles GJTC
(C.; DH; me; T.)

We had so much fun we are hoping to discover other groups to go to together. (The pictures of the concert were taken w/ DH's phone. I think they are rather fantastic for that!)

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Sarah E. said...

Oh my, that rose is just gorgeous!